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The Model D4000 Provides the Two Most Popular Types of Verification: ANSI/ISO Method and/or Point-and-Shoot Traditional Method. This unique portable bar code verifier can interface with either the patented RJS Auto-Optic scan head or a laser scanner to provide nine different optic configurations. The scanners are easily installed by the user, which makes the unit quickly adaptable to practically any verification requirement..



  Meets ANSI/ISO specifications regarding

    verification methods

  Auto-Optic scan head that allows menu

    selections for four aperture sizes and two

    light wavelengths

  Scan Reflectance Profile Available via

    Printer or Comm Port

  Auto-discriminates between all popular


  Bidirectional scanning

  Traditional analysis also provided



*Optional auto Optic Scanner(3/6/10/20mil)



*Optional auto Optic Scanner(3/5/10/20mil)


Inspector D4000L/A   @@@@                                          Inspector D4000L/A brochure.



Modes of Operation

·         ANSI Mode(D4000A); all ANSI method parameters, application compliance, plus traditional analyses

·         Laser Mode(D4000L); traditional parameters (except reflectance), data comparison, percent decode


·         Code 39; USS, w/mod43, AIAG B-1, B3/4/5/10, LOGMARS, HIBC,UPC/EAN including 2 and 5 digit

·         supplemental codes,Code 128; USS, UCC/EAN 128 (see Unique ANSI and Laser Mode Features)

·         USS Codabar,Interleaved 2 of 5; USS, Case Code, w/ Mod 10 Check Digit


·         Auto-discrimination between symbologies

·         Store and Print capability

·         Bi-directional scanning

·         Multiple scan averaging

User Interface

·         Simple 4 button: On, Print, Select, Enter

·         4-line LCD

·         5 LEDfs - indicate average bar deviation (both modes)

·         Audible tones indicate pass/fail results, low battery

Optional Accessories

·         Printer: TP140A

·         Battery charger (can be AC power supply w/batteries out of unit)

Unique ANSI Mode Features:(D4000A Only)

·         Auto-Optic Scanner: Two available models; 3, 5, 10, 20 mil or 3, 6, 10, 20 mil

·         Two light wavelengths: 660 and 925 nm

·         GS1-128 Application Identifier (AI) data format check; AI 00 and 01 only

Unique Laser Mode Features:(D4000L Only)

·         Percent of Decode displayed on lower two LCD lines (Continuous setting only)

·         GS1-128 Application Identifier data format check; all AI per current specifications

·         Store and print and/or database capability; 20K bytes non-volatile memory programmable in 5K byte

·         segments

Recommended GradingF@       Recommended GradingF@

Model: INSD4000L                   Model: INSD4000A(3/6/10/20nil)     INSD4000A(3/5/10/20mil)




PRINTRONIX  On-Line BarCode Verifier                                                            


Recommended GradingF@





 The SV Series of scanner/verifiers by RJS provides both fixed position scanning and high-speed on-line ANSI method verification of linear bar codes. This unique instrument can be used for many types of bar code scanning and/or verifying applications.

 The SV Series assures that bar code print quality is at an acceptable level.  It checks to make sure the print mechanism has not failed or gone out of adjustment during operation.  It even makes sure that the correct data is encoded and that the encoded data is in the proper format.


 The SV Series analyzes and reports virtually every verification parameter known.  ANSI and Traditional print quality parameters are transmitted along with decoded data.  The reported symbol quality parameters ensure the print method or complete bar code process is optimized.  This is important for ISO corrective action procedures, label manufacturing and printing, tracking systems, ink jet applications and more

Scan Vision 200/100                                                                              SV Catalog PDF 




UPC/EAN, USS Code128, USS Code39, USS Interleaved2 of 5, USS Codabar, USS Code93

Operational ModesF

Sync (edge and envelope), Freescan and ScanVision off line modes can be enabled


112 mm x 61 mm x 132 mm

5 LED EPower/Sync, Calibration, Read, 2 programmable LED
Comm Port:

D/SUB-9 male, RS 232C, Baud Rate: MAX 115200 baud

D/SUB-15 male, 5 programmable outputs, 2 sync inputs

+5VDC/ 1 A

 Two (2) sets of mounting holes on two (2) different surfaces or a clamp for tightening to a 3/8" (9.5 mm) rod.






Beam Width



Focus Distance



X dim (min)








Beam Width



Focus Distance



X dim (min)


















Model: SV200-1                Model: SV200-2            Model: SV100-2        Model: SV100-HD2




Scan Vision System@@@@@@@@@@@                      @ SV system catalog PDF


The SV Series uses a serial port to interface with RJS ScanVision, a PC based software package used for set-up and monitoring.  Use ScanVision for SV setup while the scanner/verifier is off line and/or use it for real-time bar code quality analysis while the scanner/verifier is operating.  The unit also incorporates Model SV download language for setup without RJS ScanVision.

Five hardware outputs are available via an I/O-Power port for logic operation such as No Read, Poor Quality, Good Quality or Good Read status. Two synchronization inputs are also available for robust No Read evaluations. Two LEDfs are available for status indications.

The serial port can also be used without ScanVision to provide decoded data and/or bar code analysis information to a host system.


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