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WEBSCAN TruCheck 201-R RSS/PDF417,MicroPDF/BarCode Verifier

RSS Code(Composite included) PDF417/BarCode Verification




Product Information/Reporting:

For printers who want to verify 2D bar codes, the TruCheck Model 201 barcode verifier is the correct choice.  2D symbologies, such as PDF417 are used in a variety of applications including General Motors shipping labels.  TruCheck has been recognized by GM for meeting the GM 1724 Global Shipping Label Requirements.

TruCheck is simply the most accurate bar code verifier on the market! If you are tired of the inconsistent results that hand-held verifiers produce, TruCheck is the system for you!

TruCheck is the first and only verifier to provide automatic 10 scans(max 50scans) ANSI grading. Simply place your bar code sample on the platform and touch one button. The laser moves over the entire bar code from top-to-bottom - providing 10 scan ANSI grading.  A report is then generated instantly - providing the operator the diagnostic information.  The report includes all 9 ANSI parameters and the Scan Reflectance Profile.

Automatic hands-free scanning combined with fixed speed and focal distance, guarantees true ANSI readings time and time again.  Results are extremely repeatable since any chance of operator error is removed.

Specification                      TruCheck 201-R Catalog.PDF.

Sample Printout

Product list

ISO/IEC 15416, 15415/ JIS X0520, 0510

ISO/IEC 15426-1/2

TruCheck 201-R

>Fulfills the ISO/IEC15415/15416,ANSI X3.182 Bar Code Quality Guideline 

>Automatic motorized Laser movement 10 Scans ISO/ANSI Grading

>6mil Standard and Optional 3/10mil Laser Remote Scan Head        丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂

>Additional CCD Remote imager Scan Head(Option)丂丂

>Dimensional analysis accurate to +/-0,015乭 also provided            

>Auto-discriminates between all popular symbologies

>Analysis data & Scan Reflectance Profile Available via Printer         

>Negative Film verifying mode

>Negative Imaged verifying mode

>Interface to PC via RS232output

>Bidirectional scanning

>Software upgradable





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