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WEBSCAN TruCheck 401-RL 2D Code / Linear Symbol verifier


QR/*Micro QR/Data Matrix Code

Verification with CCD Imager!!


RSS symbol (include composite) /PDF417,Micro PDF417

Linear barcode verification with Laser Scanner!!




Product Information/Reporting:

TruCheck is simply the most accurate bar code verifier on the market! If you are tired of the inconsistent results that hand-held verifiers produce, TruCheck is the system for you!

Engineered for repeatability, the TruMatrix imaging head, combined with integrated 45 degree illumination and rugged housing, provides ideal conditions for verification with the CCD-based imager. After simple calibration, there is nothing to focus or align. You are guaranteed the most accurate and stable verification results available. TruMatrix eliminates operator variables resulting in accurate results.


Specification                 TruCheck 401RL Catalog.PDF.

Sample Printout@@  

Product List


ISO/IEC 15416, 15415/ JIS X0520, 0510

ISO/IEC 15426-1/2






>Realized both 2D Matrix Code and Linear Code verification

>Verify RSS symbol/PDF417/MicroPDF symbols with Laser Scanner

>Verify 2D Matrix, QR, Micro QR, DataMatrix symbols with CCD Image Scanner

>Fulfills the I SO/IEC15415/15416,ANSI X3.182 Bar Code Quality Guideline 

>Automatic motorized Laser movement 10 Scans ISO/ANSI Grading

>6mil Standard and Optional 3/10mil Laser Remote Scan Head        @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

>5mil CCD Remote imager and Optional 12mil CCD Remote imager

>Dimensional analysis accurate to +/-0,015h also provided            

>Auto-discriminates between all popular symbologies@

>Analysis data & Scan Reflectance Profile Available via Printer         

>Negative Film verifying mode

>Negative Imaged verifying mode

>Interface to PC via RS232output

>Bidirectional scanning

>Software upgradable


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